亚洲体育的生产技师学徒是2,000 hour program designed for high school juniors and seniors to develop career-ready skills in the advanced manufacturing industries.

This apprenticeship programs combine paid on-the-job training at an 亚洲体育 employer and college-level classroom instruction which can lead to a high school diploma, 学路卡和短期大学证书.

生产技术员的工作职责是建立, 测试, and adjust advanced manufacturing machinery or equipment using a combination of electrical, 电子, 机械师, 液压, 气动, 或计算机技术.

生产技术人员s will work hands-on with computer aided design (CAD), 分析和科学软件.



Each spring, 亚洲体育 begins recruitment for our 青年学徒 programs. Recruitment is done in conjunction with the high schools and school districts that have agreed to partner with 亚洲体育.

Prospective 学生 are encouraged to attend our information sessions to better learn about the benefits of becoming a Youth Apprentice. 亚洲体育 has partnered with nearly 300 advanced manufacturers to provide supervised and structured on-the-job training. 青年学徒只能为同意雇佣他们的公司工作.

Prior to enrollment, 亚洲体育 will help schedule interviews for employers to hire the Youth Apprentices. Youth Apprentices will work 10-20 hours per week during the school year and full-time during the summer. 工资将根据365亚洲体育和工作时间而有所不同.


亚洲体育 has restructured our 青年学徒 program due to the COVID-19 global pandemic to ensure our 学生 and apprentices can maximize the opportunity to participate while maintaining safety guidelines and taking any necessary precautions.

亚洲体育 has developed 3 pathways for prospective 学生 interested in participating in the 2022 school year. 这些途径为我们的学区提供了灵活性, 学生, 和365亚洲体育的参与度不同.

每一个7月, 亚洲体育 will conduct a week-long virtual 青年学徒 bootcamp to ensure our apprentices are prepared for classroom instruction and on-the-job training. 训练营将涵盖OSHA-10安全, CPR /急救证书, 就业准备培训, 行业知识, 和学徒曝光.
Youth Apprentices will begin taking 亚洲体育's apprenticeship classes in the fall. 亚洲体育 staff will follow-up with each apprentice after the first quarter to gauge their progress. 学徒也会参加公司的参观活动, 工作见习, 与行业专业人士建立联系.
Youth Apprentices will interview with 亚洲体育's partnering employers and if they are hired, 他们将开始记录他们的2,000个在职培训小时. 同时, apprentices will attend their high school classes full-time while finishing their three 亚洲体育 apprenticeship classes.


下表是一个任务时间表和时间设计作为指导. The 2,000 hours will be completed over the course of the apprenticeship. The apprentice shall be instructed and trained in all operations and methods customarily used on the various machines. Each company will adhere to the schedule as closely as facilities will permit in order to provide the apprentice with well-rounded experience and practice on all relevant equipment and processes in the shop.

在职培训能力约. 在职培训的时间
生产设备 & 操作250
材料加工,零件加工 & 倒角250
检验,装配,客户服务 & 钳工工作1,000


亚洲体育 has identified specific apprenticeship classes for school districts to utilize for the 生产技术人员 青年学徒 program. Each school that participates must choose three of the four options to implement.


Fundamental manual machining skills and knowledge to include topics such as job plans, 图纸, 公差, 工程规范和手动工具的使用.


重点介绍精密加工的基础知识, 手工加工技术,包括速度和进给, 铣床/钻床和车床.


Learn to read and interpret engineering 图纸 and schematics, as well as practice basic drafting. Drawings studied in this class will come both from the text and from industry, 包括加工, 制造, 程序集, 以及流体动力系统.

数控装置 & 操作

介绍计算机数控(CNC)重点介绍基本的G&M编程,读G&M code with a special emphasis on CNC equipment theory, functions and processes.



亚洲体育 has partnered with 300+ advanced manufacturers to provide supervised and structured on-the-job training.


Youth Apprentices will work 10-20 hours per week during the school year and full-time during the summer. 工资将根据365亚洲体育和工作时间而有所不同.



每周上课一天, 要么在合作高中, 技术中心, 技校或机械车间.

这取决于学区, Youth Apprentices will take their classes either during the school day or after school.

在这段时间, apprentices will learn the theory behind the art of advanced manufacturing from the industry’s top instructors.




亚洲体育’s 青年学徒 is a no-cost program for qualified apprentices or employers.


你应该注重细节, a problem-solver and capable of working independently and as part of a team. You should also have a good work ethic, basic math skills and an interest in working with your hands.


是的! All Youth Apprentices will earn 15 tuition-free college credits from a local community or technical college.


学徒s are the ideal vehicle to teach young adults job-ready skills through mentorship while providing quality education and creating productive, 终身学习者.


在接下来的十年里,将近3.5 million manufacturing jobs will likely be needed across the United States. Locally here in Washington, there are 1,400 aerospace companies and over 6,500 manufacturers.


是的! STEM(科学, 技术, Engineering and Math) principles are integrated throughout the advanced manufacturing industry as well as 亚洲体育’s college-level classes. 青年学徒将学习冶金术, 用于工业的先进技术, 工程图纸和蓝图, 以及制造业的数学.




在参加我们的课程之前, it’s important to know whether or not your high school and/or school district has partnered with 亚洲体育. 不太确定? 看看 学校 正在使用我们的青年学徒计划.

To launch your career as a 生产技术人员, you will need to meet the minimum qualifications:

  • You must be a high school junior or senior enrolled in a school district 亚洲体育 has partnered with
  • 最低平均绩点(GPA)为2.0
  • 推荐的老师来自与亚洲体育合作的学校
  • 完成并通过了代数一级
  • 必须有往返工作地点的交通工具
  • 2021-2022学年申请截止日期为2022年6月1日.
  • If you have met the minimum qualifications, you can apply via our online application.

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